• By Ellen O'Riordan on Apr 21, 2016

Best 11 a side Football Pitches in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets is a borough rife with footballing tradition.  Even the small nook and cranny concrete pitches, found squeezed between housing blocks and dishevelled pubs, are virtually always getting some footballing action.  It is rare to walk past one of these humble spots without a rogue ball flying over the fence and across your path; so maybe it’s good that these players continue to work on their aiming skills.  Many of Tower Hamlet’s park pitches can be an effort to book for the first time but are excellent playing spaces.  Here are just some of our favourite pitches for you to sink your studs into.  

Mile End Sport Centre

Mile End Sports Centre has no fewer than 7 3G pitches; 3 suitable for seven-a-side games and the remaining 4 catering to five-a-side.  The facility also has a full sized sand based astroturf suitable for larger games.  There is also an eleven-a-side grass pitch, but it is mainly used for athletics bookings, sports days and specific events.  All of the pitches are in smashing condition, managed under the GLL and are a pleasure to play on.  To book the facilities at the centre phone the GLL on 020 8709 4420.  

Victoria Park

The massive Victoria Park makes way for 5 full-sized football pitches and 3 junior pitches, all of which are available for public access.  The pitches are fairly well-kempt and beyond satisfactory in the summertime.  There are nearby changing facilities which are in mediocre condition but fulfill their basic purpose.  To book email parks@towerhamlets.gov.uk or phone 0207 364 1213.

Stepney Green Park

Stepney Green Park opened its new 3G green in 2014, after receiving a generous grant from The Premier League and FA Facilities Fund.  The pitch is graced with floodlights and is open to public bookings.  In addition to the 3G pitch, Stepney Green Park also has a full-sized grass pitch which is only available during the winter.  Bookings are made via the Tower Hamlets website.

Meath Garden

Meath Gardens used to be the Victoria Park Cemetery, but don’t fret, it has been resurrected as a tombless park with an eleven-a-side football pitch.  It has just the one full-sized grass pitch and adjacent small pitch but is still worth a mention as it can often be overlooked and underused.  You can book the pitch via the Tower Hamlets website.

Millwall Park

Millwall Park has 3 full-sized grass pitches which are separate to another full-sized grass pitch which is reserved for rugby, meaning that the football pitches don’t get beaten up by play from the rougher sport.  The park also has a junior football pitch.  There are decent changing rooms near to the pitches.  Phone 020 7364 1213 or email parks@towerhamlets.gov.uk for bookings.

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