• By Nikhil Obhrai on Jun 22, 2016

Best Places To Play Tennis in Derby

In terms of sport, Derby has to be most famous for its football club, who have a massive following and world class facilities. However, what is not so well known is the amount of Tennis Courts that there are and how incredibly good value they are.

The other big name that comes to mind when you mention the East Midlands is Rolls Royce, who are well known for their cars and jet engines and are the biggest employer in the area. And this brings us to unearthing our first tennis courts. Rolls Royce Leisure, based on Moor Lane in Allenton, was initially just for employees but now are on a real drive to get more people using their facilities. And what facilities they are! You can play everything from badminton to bowls to football, but their standout facility has to be their tennis courts. With a combination of hard and grass courts comparable to Wimbledon’s, for the price of a McDonalds meal, you have to say these are criminally underused.



The biggest problem for tennis players like myself is that, living in the UK, invariably it will start raining about 5 minutes into your game. That makes indoor tennis courts, like they have at Derbyshire Tennis Centre, invaluable. They have a selection of outdoor tennis courts too, all of which are floodlit, so on the odd occasion that it does stay dry, you can carry on playing once it’s got dark. The only one slight downside to this centre is that you do have to become a member to use their facilities. However, their prices are very reasonable and for that you get free unlimited use of outdoor courts and a discount on indoor ones. On top of all this they have an excellent coaching program for adults and youngsters alike so whether you need to learn the basics or want perfect your kick serve they can fulfil your needs.



Last, but most definitely not least, are the tennis courts at Repton School. The facilities they have at Repton are quite ridiculous and are more alike to a high end private leisure centre rather than a school. They have two indoor tennis courts and multiple outdoor courts all of which are pristinely maintained. However, even though, on their website, they inform you that all of their facilities are available to hire, you probably have more chance of getting private tuition from Andy Murray then you do, being able to hire their tennis courts.