• By Ellen O'Riordan on Apr 21, 2016

Zumba Beats in Barnet

Zumba is a complete body shake out hitting all areas of fitness; cardio, muscle toning, sculpting, balance, flexibility, and all topped off with a sprinkling of South American sass (*clicks fingers in a z formation).  But don’t think that Zumba is only for the bronzed likes of Sofia Vergara and Shakira, you too can shake your pasty, honest hips to the Latin rhythms on a make-believe beach, imaginary rum-filled coconut in hand.  In reality, you’ll be rumless and desperate for your water bottle as you severely sweat during the intense squat section.  Instead of an exotic beach, your stage will be a North Finchley hall, a perfectly adequate alternative (perhaps a slight downgrade if we're honest).

Woodhouse College

Twice a week, the reserved Woodhouse College in Barnet is shocked by the blasting of Latin rhythms through its classrooms.  Samantha Killen and Latin Soul are to blame for this unexpected spice as she delivers a fiery, full body workout to Finchley’s fitness enthusiasts.  Killen will be found bouncing around on the stage of the assembly hall where a large number of participants are joining in with her movements.  Thankfully her classes are after the departure of the school’s students, from 7.30 to 8.30 every Monday and Wednesday.  Classes are drop in and cost £7 each, or they can be bought in block credit.   If after a while you want to venture further through the dance world, Latin Soul also holds Salsa Soul classes and Hip Hop inspired workouts.

Nearest Station: West Finchley Tube


Innovation Dance Studios

These studios boast a fully sprung floor, mirrors and state of the art equipment, to get you dancing and sweating in a safe and clean environment.  On Tuesday evenings between 8.30pm and 9.30pm, Andrea Kovola turns up the heat with her energetic and sassy Barnet Zumba classes.  Contact Andrea on 020 8445 0580 for further details, or simply show up to a class.  Add a little more spice to your workouts by attending some of the studio’s other dance and fitness classes such as Street Dance, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Pilates or Yoga.

Nearest Station: Woodside Park Tube

The Compton School

Start your weekend early with a Saturday morning breakfast Zumba class in Barnet and feel energised for the rest of the day.  Begin dancing at 10.30 and be ready to carpe diem by 11.30.  Register with instructor Freyderman Montero Ramirez at 07985 748 453 before chacha sliding your way to your first class.  A single class costs £7, but prices are reduced when bought in blocks.  

Nearest Stations:  New Southgate Train Station or West Finchley Tube


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