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Top 10 Sports Grounds Near Dulwich

Dulwich is certainly many things. Leafy, edgy (or at least trying to be), lethally expensive, sleepy, posh, lacking a tube, full of pleasant schools. Whatever you want to say about it, few other areas can boast Tom Cruise and Nicola Kidman as former residents and Gordman Ramsey as a current resident. Half the land is still mainly owned by Dulwich Estates who are continuing the legacy of Edward Alleyn to promote Dulwich as an area for education and recreation. 

This is a great reason why the one thing you can say about Dulwich is that it is an absolute haven for sports grounds for hire. In fact Dulwich to sports grounds is like Leicester Square to seedy nightclubs, Vauxhall to alternative nights out, Brick Lane to curry, Clapham Common night clubs to STDs and so on. Dulwich is really is the absolute jackpot for sports grounds and tops anywhere in London.

So here are the top 10 sports grounds in Dulwich, some of which are run by community associations and badly need usage:

1. The Kings College Griffin Ground

The Griffin Ground is owned by Kings college University and offers fantastic facilities to its students and other community groups. There are 11 a side football pitches during the winter, cricket pitches for the summer, two multi-use games areas (mainly for netball) and multi-use grass space occasionally marked out for 5 a side football. If that's not all ooking is available online. Brilliant. 


2. Dulwich Sports Ground

Dulwich Sports Ground is tucked away behind Dulwich Village and towards Herne Hill. It was previously run by Soutbank University before being rescued from bankruptcy by a community organisation known as the Dulwich Sports Ground Trust. Under their stewardship Dulwich Sports Ground has thrived with up to four cricket pitches during the summer and several 11 a side football pitches for hire during the winter. There is also a fully licenced bar and pavilion making the ground ideal for corporate sports days.


3. Peckham Rye Common

Peckham Rye is cockney rhyming slang for tie. That has nothing to do with sports grounds but worth mentioning as Peckham Rye Common is strong benchmark for council run sports pitches. There are three 11 a side grass pitches available on what is a fairly large grassy plain towards East Dulwich.


4. Old Alleynian Rugby Club

There are two rugby pitches and one cricket pitch at the Old Alleynian Rugby Club Ground on Dulwich Common Road, West Dulwich. It is predominately used by the rugby club so any gaps will be fairly occasional.


5. Edward Alleyn Club

The Edward Alleyn Club is a sports ground situated on Burbage Road in between Herne and West Dulwich. It offers a range of excellent sports facilities such as tennis courts, cricket nets, 11 a side football pitches, a large cricket pitch and pavilion/bar. It is predominately used by the Old Alleynian's Association. 


7. Brockwell Park

The undulating terrain of Brockwell Park provides stunning views towards Central London. However the park has a variety of sports facilities available to the public such as11-a-side football pitches, tennis courts, cricket nets and a bowling green.


8. Dulwich Park

Dulwich Park is one of the most stunning parks in South London with a boating lake, playground, several grass football pitches, outdoor cricket nets, tennis courts and even more. Bookings are managed through Quadron Services on behalf of Southwark Council.


9. The Rosendale Playing Fields

The Rosendale Playing Fields are hugely neglected and deserve a place on this list purely because they badly need investment. There are two junior football pitches which are predominately used by the Lambeth Primary Football League and occasionally other community groups. There are five tennis courts too although they have seen better days.


10. JAGS Sports Club

The JAGS Sports Club is part of James Allens Girls School is located in between Dulwich Village and East Dulwich.  As a standalone sports centre it has some fantastic sports facilities and activities, some of which are available to non-members. It has a huge floodlit 11 a side astroturf pitch for hire as well as squash courts, a climbing wall, tennis courts, gym and swimming pool.


Local venues

Wickway Community Centre

245 St George's Way Southwark Peckham South London SE15 6PL

Burgess Park Tennis Centre

44 Addington Square Camberwell London South London SE5 7LA

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