• By Anoushka Phillips on Jul 8, 2016

The Best Places to go Swimming in Harrow

Harrow has a great variety of leisure centres and pools to use, the facilities are splashingly good and the easily accessible locations enable you to reach them with minimal hassle. Swimming is of course a very popular sport, so finding the right place to go to is crucial. Here are just three of the best places to swim in and around the Harrow area.

Highgrove Swimming Pool

A fantastic leisure centre in the heart of Hillingdon with a 33.3m diving pool and a 15m small pool for children. It has a gym situated in the left of the centre and a reception office with lovely staff. They have around eight showers per changing room and a sauna in the private one. All the changing and shower facilities are well kept. On some days Hillingdon Swimming Club use this pool so it won't be available for the public at that time. They also have a group cycle studio which can be used in sessions.

Harrow Leisure Centre

This is run by Everyone Active on behalf of the council. They offer activity sessions for all ages and ability with classes and pool hire available. They have suited sessions at certain times for all ages but the earlier slots usually are for the younger swimmers. They also allocate session times carefully to ensure there is no clash between the intense swimmers and the casual ones. They have saunas to relax in and a small and big pool for club sessions. The club provides aqua classes and private hire as well.

Aspire Leisure Centre

A great swimming centre from which all profits go to help children and adults with spinal disabilities. It has a large 25m pool with inflatable toys and facilities in the pools. They have adult sessions and swimming lessons. You can pay up front or use the facilities on a membership basis instead. This pool has some great reviews and is loved by a lot of the local community. Its pool is heated to suit older and really young swimmers.




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