• By Ellen O'Riordan on Jul 26, 2016

Best Football Pitches in Hounslow

Whilst Hounslow Heath is at present a little shy of the four thousand acre wilderness it was in the 16th century (3,800 acres shy to be numerical), it is still one of the most attractive pieces of nature in the already “leafy” borough.  Now the Heath is a designated local nature reserve, so please think twice before stomping your studs all over the precious woodland, but there are plenty of alternative open spaces that will appreciate your fancy footwork.  Whether you’ve got a 22 man army of men that need entertaining on a full-sized field, or a humble few mates looking to play “Piggie in the Middle” on a mini square of grass, Hounslow has got you covered for all of your football needs.  

Heston Community School:

What's available: Indoor five-a-side, Astro five-a-side, 3G five-a-side, Grass Eleven-a-side

The school’s floodlit astroturf is in great shape after its 2013 refurbishment and can be used for five-a-side throughout the year.  There is also a new 3G pitch (the first of its kind in Heston) which benefits from floodlighting.  Additionally there is an eleven-a-side grass pitch The full-sized basketball court can also be utilised for five-a-side football.  The pitches are open 5.30pm-10pm on weekdays and from 10am to 7pm on weekends.  For seven-a-side play pay £50 (£35 if U16) and £27 covers five-a-side games (£22 for U16).  There is free parking and changing rooms on site.  Email sports@hestoncs.org or phone 020 8572 7068 for booking enquiries.



The Heathland School:

What's available: Astro eleven-a-side, Astro five-a-side

As this is a functioning school, the full sized astroturf pitch is only available after school hours (6-10pm), so this is an ideal afterwork knock around venue.  The pitch is in fantastic condition with well kempt astro, clear markings and respectable goals.  Don’t feel you have to rally a full 22 man fleet to play on this pitch, it can also be hired in portions.  The full pitch will set your players back £86.50 per hour, a third (five-a-side) costs £43 and two thirds sells at £60 an hour.  Telephone Elaine Waddingham on 0208 572 4411 for availability and bookings.



Boston Manor Playing Field:

What's available: Grass eleven-a-side

When heading out for a bit of footie, what more do you need than an army of energised players, a ball and a great big patch of lawn.  Well Boston Manor has 4 rather large grass pitches which can handle the battering of 22 pairs of studs (it’s an eleven-a-side pitch).  In addition the field boasts 2 seven-a-side mini pitches and 1 nine-a-side pitch.  So once you’ve rung around for the lads, make sure you give Jenna Schillaci a call on 020 7713 8684 to enquire about bookings.



Imperial College Heston Venue:

What's available: Grass eleven-a-side, Indoor

The sports facilities at Imperial in Heston are known to be some of the best of the London University facilities.  There is a multi-purpose grass area which fits 5 football pitches, 2 rugby pitches and 2 small side pitches.  If it’s chucking it down, you could always take the action inside to the sports hall which can be hired out as a whole for £75 or in smaller sections. The grounds are open 7 days a week and there is a clubhouse onsite for after game lounging  All bookings can be made up to 6 days in advance of play.  Call 020 7594 6660.

Goals Gillette Corner:

What's available: 3G 5-a-side pitches, 3G 7-a-side pitches

If you’re looking for a surface that’s all-weather and easy on the joints, 3G is your man.  Just a stone’s throw away from Boston Manor Tube is the Goals Gillette Corner where you’ll find a five and seven-a-side pitch made with the latest 3G surfacing.  They range from £40 to just over £100 depending on the day and time of the slot, with off-peak times working out at rather a steal.  


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