5 Weird British Sports You Have To Try Before You Die

The islanders of Britain have always been looked on as as slightly whacky and uniquely British. No where is this more apparent than when you look at some of the strange sports played on the island. Aside from the classic sports we all know and love, tennis, football, cricket and rugby, there are some truly mad sports that we think you absolutely have to try.

1. Bubble Football

Bubble football has to be one of the best, if not craziest sports ever invented.

The concept and rules are identical to normal football... with one big curve ball, you are actually in an inflatable bubble. With this plastic coating, it makes any attempt at playing football virtually impossible. It becomes more of a cross between rugby, American football and British bull dog. The highlights of the game are spectacular fouls and players rolling around more than the ball itself. It is highly recommended, regardless of whether you consider yourself a Steven Gerrard or Steven Hawking, it is truly brilliant fun.

Some of the best places to play zorb football in London can be found at dedicated football centres. Good examples include the likes of Power League, Play Football and Goals where you can organise bubble football games for birthday parties and stag dos. Typically you'll need to spend £20-30/head but you don't need to have a long game as it's knackering.  


2. Barefoot Bowls

barefootBarefoot bowls is lawn bowls with a twist. It brings a game more commonly associated with the older generation to a younger audience, putting it in an informal and relaxed setting in the heart of London with amazing street food, craft beer and live music.

The format is usually in teams of around 3 or 4 people playing against others meaning it is absolutely ideal for corporate events or for groups of single men and women. Flirting is an absolute must, but more than anything the beauty of Barefoot Bowls is that it makes a change from sitting around in a pub and gets you off your feet. Barfefoot Bowls London offers events every summer in Finsbury Square, Central London. You can check out their upcoming events via www.barefootbowls.co.uk or email info@barefootbowls.co.uk.


3. Cheese rolling

The annual Cheese rolling championship, held in Gloucestershire, is maybe the most bizarre sport in the world. To put it simply, every year hundreds of people meet up in order to chase a wheel of cheese down an incredible steep hill. This sport is not only bizarre but incredibly dangerous with many getting injured every year. If you can muster up the courage to give it ago we salute you, but either way it is definitely worth a watch.

4. Bog Snorkeling

The sport of Bog snorkeling is one of those you wonder how on earth it came to be. The object is to snorkel through a trench of muddy water the fastest. It's not overly competitive, with many people doing it in fancy dress but if you fancy a totally unique and probably very wet day out why not sign up to the Bog Snorkeling World Championship, held in Wales.

5. Tin Bath Racing

A personal favourite here, the sport of tin bath racing involves rowing in a tin bath across a harbour in the Isle of Man. Incredibly this has been going on for years with the 44th championship having just passed. With baths set up with awesome decorations and hilarious fancy dress, this sport has to be one of the craziest sports out there.

Looking to try something new? Why not seeing whats on our activity finder? You May find your new passion!


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