Appiness is an App Called OpenPlay

So after many months building, playing around with it, tweaking and a few licencing issues, the team and I are very 'appy to have launched the new OpenPlay mobile app, currently in the app store and hitting Google Play (Android) very soon.

It's an exciting development for us as it brings the team much closer to the original vision and core mission of helping people to play sport and get active, at the very last minute. Whether that's booking local facilities, joining in activities or connecting to other local players such as tennis partners and football playersthe app is designed to make all of those scenarios easier and more impulsive. 

To download the mobile sports booking app click on the following link:

This app is very much a first version, so if you have any feedback at all, please contact us at

Appy playing (sorry!),

Sam and the OpenPlay Team







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