Best Netball Team Names

netball up skirt Struggling to find a name of your netball team? The question is how risqué can you go... After searching far and wide to every crevass of the net, we've come up with a (growing) list of the best netball team names we could find. We have tried ranking them in order of hilarity. Note that this is work in progress so please feel free to add any more names in the comments below!  

Funny Netball Team Names

1. The Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers 2. Tits and Bits 3. Cunning Stunts 4. The Opposition 5. Ball Huggers 6. Nads and Borks (Mixed Team) 7. Balls up 8. Bearded Clams 9. Norfolk n Chance 10. Crappucinos 11. Victorious Secret 12. The swallowing Swallows 13. Peking Ducks 14. City United Network Technology Services 15. The Knackerbags 16. The Missuses 17. Fairy Nuff 18. Blue Meanies (if you wear blue) 19.Yellow Submarines 20. Pink Ladies 21. Green Machine 22. Black Magic 23. Red Perils 24. The Doom Machines 25. Party girls 26. Goblins 27. Sweet Hearts 28. Warrior Queens 29. Pink Ladies (Grease) 30. The loose screws 31. G and T's 32. Spirits 33. Hocus Pocus 34. Alacazam Scram 35. Funbags 36. Dangerous Divas 37. The Flower Fluff Whirls 38. The Flaming Pink Flamingos 39. Fire Breathing Kittens 40. Jalapeno Hotties 41. Dixie Chicks 42. Slick Chicks 43. Venomous Vixens 44. Cougars 45. All Sorts 46. The Illusions 47. The Berkshire Hunts 48. The Jetsetters 49. Vote Quimby 50. Scared Hitless 51. Viscious and Delicious 52. The Thunder Down Under 53. The Wet Wedgies 54. One Hit Wonders 55. Carpet Munchers 56. The Rowdy Roosters 57. The Mighty Morphin Stock Exchangers 58. The Y-Nots! 59. Ball Busters 60. Farting Ferrets 61. The opposition 62. Always on Top 63. Game, Set and Snatch 64. And the Winners are... 65. Netballs to the wall 66. Tyrannoballus Rex 67. Nets Top Model 68. Fresh Meat 69. Sweaty Bettys 70. Pitch Slap Are there are any more you can think of? Help others by listing them below! By Sam Parton  

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