Find Your Perfect Badminton Partner in London

It might come as a surprise to some, but in terms of UK participation, badminton is as popular as tennis. Yet it receives a fraction of the press and recognition by comparison. It is also one of the fastest racquet sports in the world and a major attraction is that often you can keep playing well into your 70's as it is relatively low impact and a fantastic form of exercise. 

Badminton sessions take place in sports halls across the country in leisure centres, schools and community sites. However often an issue for any players is how to find a badminton partner. Ideally you want a badminton partners who are around the same level, age and of course are fun and reliable too. The problem is that people move around, with London in particularly holding a very transient population with 50% of Londoners moving every 5 years.

So how on earth do you a badminton partner then? Well that was difficult until OpenPlay Connect came along. On the back of user feedback OpenPlay Connect was created to allow anyone to find badminton partners in London. Whether you are an individual looking for someone else to play badminton with or a badminton group looking to bolster your numbers, anyone can create a free OpenPlay profile and connect to other, like-minded individuals.

Here is what it looks like (click here).

Any feedback is always welcome whilst we build it outh further and add new functionality, particularly around messaging. Please email with any suggestions.

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