Find Your Perfect Tennis Partner In London

OpenPlay was originally launched to make it easier to find and book sports facilities in London such as football pitches and tennis courts. However a common question we heard at tennis venues was "can you help me find a tennis partner"?

For a long time the answer was no. However after relentless nagging from our users we decided to take action and launched the first version of OpenPlay Connect in September 2014. It helps the public find tennis players by connecting them together. It is kind of like a dating site for sport, but hopefully much less cringy.

The way it works is that you simply create a profile (here), list your playing ability, what sports you are into, gender, age, your location and how far you are willing to travel. Our algorithm then does the rest and connects you to others.

The key difference is that increasingly you can go and book tennis courts online making the whole process fairly seamless whilst getting more revenue to venues. This is what it looks like with a mobile app on its way: At this stage we're keeping it incredibly simple. It's easy to send someone else a message via the site, just click on their profile and 'send message' (providing you have created an OpenPlay profile).

We're very open to feedback about our tennis player finder so please feel free to email In fact going back to the dating theme, you just never know but you might well meet the love of your life via OpenPlay. If that happens please feel free to invite us to the wedding.

Sam, OpenPlay Co-Founder

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