Five Best Sports Apps 

When it comes to sports and fitness there are a few apps that really do take it to the next level, allowing you to track your performance, what you eat, provide workout ideas or find other people to train with.
Here are the top five apps for anyone looking to get active, play some sport or avoid that winter warmer layer that starts to creep on as the temperature creeps down.


1. MyFitnessPal
Loosing a bit of weight, gaining a few inches around the chest or simply keeping an eye on the diet? Look no further then MyFitnessPal. With a barcode scanner that picks up virtually any barcode you scan it really is easy to keep track of those calories, not only that but you can track your workouts and set goals to work towards with a few taps on the screen. It can be used casually as a weight tracker or in full fitness mode tracking anything from Macros to micronutrients.
This really is the pinnacle of diet tracking with an online community and challenges available to motivate you to get that little bit healthier or that summer body you aspire to.




2. Openplay
If your looking for somewhere to play sports, or someone new to play against then this app is a must have (even if we say so ourselves). Its designed to allow players and activity providers to connect with venues to make the booking and organising of sports effortless. What that gives you is the ability to meet others looking for a pick up game in a park or find a sports hall near you to host your Sunday football game.  This app is really great if you are new to an area and either a) dont know anyone or b) dont know where the facilities are for your sports and fitness needs. 





3. MapMyRun
This app links with MyFitnessPal making it an easy way to sync all your information and track those calories burned against the Kit-Kat you ate as a treat after the run.
Allowing you to track your speed per mile or kilometre and then provide a breakdown of your run makes training for that half-marathon a piece of cake…if you ran far enough to justify cake. Combine that with challenges, training plans and routes plus a whole host of other features it really is hard to imagine that any other run tracker can come first in a race with MapMyRun



4. FitStar

Designed by a former NFL player this app looks to get you moving and exercising for free, first you take a fitness test to set the level of intensity suitable to you and then it provides you with full workouts to get you moving. Once you have progressed there is a membership option to get more specific workout plans.





5. Jefit Workout
If pumping some iron is how you like to workout but you don't want to carry a notepad to the gym or keep loosing those random sheets of paper used to track your progress then this app is what is needed. It provides a breakdown of how to perform the movement and you can fill out the weight, reps and sets used for each exercise. 





While there are some other really great apps for fitness out there, these five are simple, free and effective combined with easy to use functionality that really will enable you to workout and move a few extra calories off of the mid section. 

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