Klopp Bowls us over

Lawn Bowls has an interesting history, for example who knew that it was once outlawed because it was damaging the sport of archery? Yes that is a little further back in history but some big names are linked with the sport, the latest being none other than Jurgen Klopp, normally considered a big name in another sport played with a round ball on grass. Klopp decided to bring his skill over to Bowls, fortunately for Liverpool he is better at managing a football team than he is at Green Bowls. 

Bowls is normally perceived as a pensioners sport and people who normally think its 'cool' are other countries and say Bowls is a quintessentially British sport. Maybe thats why Klopp decided to give it a go? Apparently watching a commonwealth games when he was 16 put it on his sports bucket list.

When you think about Bowls, it is actually a inherently social sport that allows you to compete outside without needing to be in great shape. In France, Bowl's cousin known as Boules, is commonly played in parks and is truly harder than it looks. It doesn't matter if you are not athletic when playing and as long as you can roll a ball you could out bowl anyone.  However since there is some skill involved, it may be a good idea not to take it too seriously the first few times, as Klopp found out.

If you are around London why not try your hand at Green Bowls in London Finsbury Square


We do wonder what Klopp will be trying next? Maybe a spot of archery?

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