Palace for Life Foundation - Crystal Palace Sign OpenPlay

We're delighted to unveil that we're now working with the Palace For Life Foundation, the community arm of Crystal Palace Football Club. The Palace for Life Foundation (PFLF) has a strong vision to transform the lives of young people in south London focusing on three main areas:

– Physical and mental health – teaching children the importance of eating well and taking part in sport, promoting team work and essential life skills
– Early intervention – mentoring the disadvantaged, particularly those at most risk of becoming caught up in drugs or crime
– Fit for work – helping young people make the transition from education to employment, using sport to inspire them

OpenPlay will be working with the PFLF to manage all their football schools in South London. Some of the major pain points we're tackling together include coordinating coaches, taking payments, managing attendees and having accurate measures of the effectiveness of their community coaching programs. If we can help them identify a new Wilfred Zaha, then even so much the better.  

This brings the number of football clubs clients for OpenPlay up to three, with Palace for Life Foundation joining both West Ham United and Queens Park Rangers Football Club.

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