South Park Tennis Courts in Fulham Review


South Park Tennis Courts Fulham West London on a clear day South Park Tennis Courts are in excellent condition and are some of the best tennis courts in West London

OpenPlay Rating

Overall Condition   9/10

Availability     7/10

Price/Cost       7/10

Customer Service  5/10

Overall 70%

The South Park tennis courts have been relatively recently refurbished and it must be said, are in excellent condition. At the same time that's exactly what you'd expect from this leafy, affluent part of West London.

South Park itself presents a tranquil, pleasant setting. Shouts of 'Henry come here' and 'stop it Clemmie' are the most common sounds, aside from 'great shot Rupert' when you are on the court. Basically it's posh. But we love it.

The four West London tennis courts have a hard Macadam surface and are separated in to pairs with benches and a rose bed lying between them. The courts are in very good condition including the nets, lines and perimeter fencing although annoyingly, balls can sneak out the court fairly easily.  You can book in advance at approximately £7/hour but you will need to sign up as a member to do so for approximately £40/year.

However in all honesty, the vast majority of tennis players in Fulham don't bother booking and simply turn up and play. In theory there's a tennis court warden who will come round to take payment, but if so they are certainly well camouflaged as we've certainly never seen them. As a result you will almost certainly have to queue during the summer, but can usually walk on court in the mornings before 9am and a couple of hours before the sun goes down.

In our humble opinion, the customer service at Hammersmith & Fulham Council does let these courts down slightly. If you want to book in advance (see here for contact details) we wish you luck getting through to an operator, picking up the phone is clearly not protocol. Furthermore you've no chance booking after 5pm if you fancy a last minute game!

However, despite this slight criticism of the customer service, we highly recommend the South Park tennis courts as some of the best park tennis courts in West London.

Click here for further information about booking the South Park tennis courts.

By Sam Parton

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