The Power Yoga Company Parsons Green Review

Power Yoga Centre Parsons Green Fulham West London The Power Yoga Centre in Parsons Green is friendly and the studio provides a clean, relaxing atmosphere. But the classes are tough!

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Customer Service 10/10 Price/Cost 5/10 Availability/Crowdedness 8/10 Condition/Cleanliness 9/10

Overall 80% - Excellent

The Power Yoga Company in Parsons Green is a pleasant Fulham Yoga Centre, walking distance from Parsons Green tube Station. Classes can be easily booked online and take place at most times of the day, 7 days per week. Upon entering the Power Yoga Company which is on Lettice Street, just off Munster Road, there is a small front desk and separate changing area with a handful of cubicles and open lockers. Nothing fancy, but then you?re only there for an hour or so, so who cares? With one simple, candle lit Fulham yoga studio offering a range of mat yoga classes, we decided to sample their main offering which is Power Yoga. We mainly chose this yoga class because we liked the name ?power? - surely it must be good? The studio itself is pleasant, fairly spacious and you immediately feel relaxed upon entering. There seemed to be plenty of ?zen? in the room and all the other stuff 'yoga people' go for, with 20 or so mats spread out the room. The class had a mixed bag of men, women probably in their late 20?s, early 30?s and on the whole, in a lot better shape than us.  However fortunately it seemed to be a mixed bag in terms of abilities, so despite feeling like fish out of water and easily being the worst in the class, we were just about able to keep up and not feel like complete lemons. Admittedly our knowledge of yoga is fairly limited and as someone who is highly inflexible, we were expecting this class to be tough. We weren't wrong. Feeling about as supple as a frozen fish, we were forced to contort ourselves into shapes that our body was doing its best to outright reject. We secreted a river of tears, sweat, probably blood and more tears throughout the hour long Power Yoga session and to be honest, we were pretty relieved to be back in the ?shivasa? position (the one where you lie on your back...and actually relax) at the end of the class. However despite the pain, sweat and begs for mercy, we actually felt a million dollars. The Power Yoga Centre in Parsons Green is in our humble experience well worth the £14 we paid. Admittedly it isn?t a cheap Fulham yoga solution, but there are some good discounts if you go frequently. However we can?t fault the customer service, condition of the facilities and availability of classes. Power Yoga Parsons Green a very high score of 80%, because lets face it, it really does deserve it. For further information about Power Yoga Fulham such as pricing and opening hours, please click here. By Sam Parton

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