Top 100 Best Dodgeball Team Names

DodgeballDodgeball is a testosterone and oestrogen filled UK sport which is rapidly growing in the UK. Teams usually consist of six players and the object of the game is throw balls at each other and as the name suggests, try and dodge the ball coming at you. However choosing a team can be a huge headache so here is a list of some of the Best Dodgeball Team Names available. 1. The DodgeFathers 2. The Dodger Moores 2. No Hit Sherlock 3. Dodgy Arm 4. The Human Targets 5. Dodgebull 6. In the Dodge house 7. Sitting Ducks 8. Lost Your Wallet 9. Won't Move for Cake 10. Don't Stop Ballieving 11. Nelson's Dodgeyballs 12. Jammy Dodgers 13. Reservoir Dodge 14. Throwbocop 15. Dodgy Style 16. Beastie Balls 17. Balls Deep 18. Dodgy Stomachs 19. The Underdodge 20. The Dodge Bollocks 21. 2 Balls 1 Cup 22. Aim for the fat kid 23. Dodge this 24. Can't Dodge This 25. Salad Dodgers 26. Untouchaballs 27. You Can't Dodge This 28. Artful Dodgers 29. Dodger Federer 30. Hand of Dodge 31. Hotdodgers 32. Heather Loves Jammy Twodgers 33. Dodge my balls 34. The Nelson Mandodgers 35. My Balls Your Face 36. Ball of Duty 37. Ballzinga 38. Yammie Dodgers 39. Who Let the Dodge Out? 40. Slumdodge Millionaires 41. Snoop Dodgy Dodge 42. Clearly so Dodgey 43. Leave it to Beaver 44. Thunderballs of Justics 45. Dodgezilla and the Screaming Ball-Gazisms 46. Mother Duckers 47. The Mighty Duckers 48. Not in the Face 49. The Dodgesaurs 50. Roger the Dodgers 51. Who Gives a Duck 52. Ducking Out of This By Sam Parton Sam is the co-Founder of OpenPlay which makes it easier to find and book sports venues such as tennis courts, football pitches and dodgeball courts

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