Top 100 Best Hockey Team Names

If you have a hockey tournament on the horizon and are struggling for a funny hockey team name, then the following list should get your brain ticking. Admittedly it is a struggle to get much beyond 45 but our mission is ultimately to get to the 100 best hockey team names.

So please put any suggestions into the comments box below to help us on this journey to uncover the most brilliant names for hockey teams.

Top 100 Funny Hockey Team Names

1. Walking Talking Stephen Hawking

2. Shooting Blanks

3. Cock and whore

4. Mighty Morphing Flower Arrangers

5. Six Offenders

6. Goal Goal Power Rangers

7. Two girls one cup

8. Smack my Pitchup

9. Jackson 5 a side

10. Whale Oil Beefed Hucked

11. Tequila Mocking Birds

12. Norfolk N? Chance

13. Obi Wan ? Kenobi Nil

14. The Gerri Hatricks

15. Range Rovers

16. They think it?s Moldova

17. Expected Toulouse

18. David Cameroon

19. Tooting Young Boys

20. Is your motherwell?

21. (Where your from)'s got talent e.g. Streatham?s got talent

22. Pathetic Athletic

23. Occasionally United

24. Hardly Athletic, Barely Athletic, Slightly Athletic , Notso Athletic, Lessthan Athletic

25. Sporting Abeergut

26. Balls out

27. Knobs and Knockers

28. Cunning Stunts

29. The Dug outs

30. Men with Wood

31. Columbian B Movie Porn Stars

32. Inter Ya'Mam

33. The Drowning Fish 34. Hinnies and Gadgies

35. The League of Gentlemen

36. Chicks with sticks

37. F.L.A.P.S (Federation of Ladies Amateur and Professional Soccer)

38. Velvet Sausage Holders

39. Multiple Scoregasms

40. Victorious Secret

41.The Big Test Icicles

42. Here for beer

43. Wii Not Fit

44. The Mighty Morphin Stock Exchangers

45. Injury lawyers fork queue

46. Portugeezers

47. And the Winner are...

48. Always on Top

49. AFC Game, Set and Snatch 

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