Top 100 Rugby Team Names

Choosing a suitably funny rugby team name for 15 a side, 7's or touch rugby can be challenging so we have attempted to do the leg work for you by providing the top 100 funny rugby team names.

Unfortunately we haven't yet reached 100 but the list will grow with time and please help us by adding any team names in the comments box below!

1. Ball Grabbers

2. Al Try-eda

3. No woman no try

4. The Law Blacks

5. Scrum and Coke

6. Double Scrum and Coke

7. Halal is is Meat Your Looking for?

8. The Jockstrap Boys

9. Try-ranosaurus Rex

10. Hawaii Try-O

11. Nuts and Jugs

12. Victorious Secret

13. Yippee Try Yey

14. Inappropriate Touching

15. Touching U16's

16. Cheeky Ladies

17. Ref's Nuts

18. Southern Fairies

19. Egg Chasers

20. How I tackled your mother

21. Beer Naked Ladies

22. I Got 99 Problems, But My Kick Ain't One

23. Swift Kick in the Grass

24. Kick Tease

25. One Kick Wonders

26. Kickaholics Anonymous

27. Kicktators

28. The Untouchables

29. Win or lose on the booze

30. Try Hard with avengeance

31. Don't Try For Me Argentina

32. The Try Babies

33. Game, Set and Snatch RFC

34. Always on Top RFC

35. Live and let Try

36. Try is the limit

37. Maul of Duty: Modern Warfare/Ghosts/Black Ops/Zombies

38. One Maul Step For Man

39. Scrum Like it Hot

40. Just Don?t Give a Ruck

41. Still Don?t Give a Ruck

42. Ruck be a Lady

43. Strictly Scrum Dancing  

Touch or Tag Rugby Team Names

44. Must Tag Sally

45. The Undertaggers

46. Serial Taggers

47. Tagquila Shots

48. Lethal Taggers

49. Can't Stop Tagging

50. All Grab and No Tag

51. When I think about you I tag myself

52. House of Flying Taggers

53. Wu Tag Clan

54. Born To Be Taggers

55. Tag Me Up & Down

56. Tag-gart

57. The Untagables

58. Fancy a Quick Tag?

59. Hashtag

60. Game, Set and Snatch RFC

61. Tagliatelle

62. God Loves a Tagger

63. How I Tagged Your Mother

64. Tagnam Style

65. Tagamamas

66. The Ragtags

67. Tagpuss

68. If I had a tagger

69. The Walking Dead Balls

70. Breaking Bad Tag

71. Fear and Loathing in Tag Vegas

72. Velcro Pants Chasers

73. Enter the tagon

74. Natural Born Taggers

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