Top 5 Fitness Trackers 

When it comes to fitness we always want the latest and greatest gadget that is going to make working out easier, more fun, or just motivate us to actually wake up and do that run we know we should. However lets be honest; if you are not competing or already in great shape, a fitness tracker is more likely just another thing you will buy, use for a month, and then just wear as funny looking watch…or worse, not wear at all, to avoid reminding everyone in the office about your fitness resolution. 

However if you are one of those fit freaks that wants to train for a half marathon, or just a fitness buff that loves a bit of tech, then here are the top 5 fitness trackers to get you running like Mo Farah; although you probably need more than a glorified watch if we are totally honest. 

  1. TomTom Cardio + Music
    No this isn't a SatNav; it is the most advanced personal fitness tracker I have ever seen. It has everything: heart rate monitor, training zones, water resistant, multi-sport modes, sleep and activity tracking. It really is more of a James Bond watch for fitness geeks then anything else and it can store 500 songs for you. However, at a price tag of £219.99, it really is only to be considered if you are going to keep that New Year's resolution. 
  2. TomTom Touch
    This is a pure fitness tracker and its pretty good at being one. With a built-in heart rate monitor and body composition calculator, it really is possible to fine-tune your training. Body fat % really is more accurate and useful than BMI since the latter doesn't take into account muscle mass or skeletal weight, and having a heart rate monitor means you can actually train for that half marathon like a pro; not just by running yourself into an injury five times a week. At £129.99 it really is a bit more realistic as a price too.
  3. Polar A360
    This is another great fitness tracker again with built-in heart monitor. Can you really train if you don't know what heart rate zone you are in? Probably, but that isn't as fun and it definitely isn't as effective. The Polar A360 is also waterproof, has a smart calorie counter, and comes in a range of colours so you can really accessorise your outfit if you are that way inclined. Priced at £149.50, its a touch more expensive then the TomTom touch and doesn't have a built-in body fat % calculator.
  4. Fitbit range
    If I was buying from the Fitbit range, it would be the Fitbit Charge 2 priced at a reasonable £129.99. This is more of a smart watch with all the key fitness facilities such as heart rate, automatically logging activity, sport-specific modes, and many others. Also, you can buy leather straps so that you don't have to sacrifice your style to still maintain your fitness. The top of Fitbits range is the Fitbit Surge; however priced at £199.99 it just seems a bit expensive. It isn't waterproof but it does have the all important heart rate monitor, however I dont see it being great value compared to other options. 
  5. Misfit Ray
    This little gem is far less flashy and doesn't have a heart rate monitor. Yet it makes the list due to being sleek, effective, and connected to the ‘Internet Of Things’; making it a step ahead of the market in some ways. Priced at a very reasonable £79.95 on Amazon means its the cheapest that I have listed; however you do lose some functionality compared to the other devices, yet it is still waterproof, and connects to your phone or other home devices. So in my mind its very cool especially if you are not too much of a fitness geek but would like to just track the basics and join the crowd. 

So, in conclusion, don't buy a fitness tracker unless you are actually going to use the thing regularly. They are too expensive for New Year's resolutions and they do not magically make you any fitter or faster. However if you do buy one, it would either have to be the Fitbit Charge 2 or the TomTom Touch. Both of which are not the best in the market, but they are pretty slick and definitely provide a good bang for your buck. 

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