Top Five Reasons to Exercise Outdoors.

Exercising outdoors provides a whole range of benefits and if you know where to look it doesn't have to be boring or lonely, but it can be tailored specifically to you. Whether it is a run in a park, an outdoor calisthenics workout or playing some Tennis being outdoors has so many benefits.
So here are five reasons to exercise outside.

  1. Motivation
    When thinking about working out one of the most common issues no one wants to admit to is ‘we hate gyms’ and it makes perfect sense really. After spending a long day inside doing work do you really want to go into another building and work again? It can be hard to motivate yourself and to add to that there are all those other people in there with you who don't want to be there.
    If you are not motivated to workout then it doesn't matter how good your intentions are, you wont stick to it. Why would you do something you don't look forward to? So go outside find a sport you love and before long it will be the highlight of your week.
  2. Avoiding people
    This may seem like an odd comment to rank so highly but honestly after a full day in work dealing with so many people do you really want to go and sweat it out in a room full of people you don't know?
    Getting your exercise done outdoors doesn't mean you can’t speak to anyone, you can run with a buddy, play tennis with a partner or play some pick up basketball in the park. However it does give you more choice in who you talk to and at least its not forced conversation in small studio room with little ventilation.
  3. Great for the mind
    Multiple studies have shown that outdoor workouts can reduce mental stress resulting in lower tension and a decrease in depression leading to an improved mood and self esteem. Running or playing sport outside has a real way of making you forget any other issues going on in your life. 
  4. Great for the tan….depending on where you live.
    If you work indoors all day, and then spend an hour exercising indoors again. It can really decrease the amount of time you get to soak up some natural sunlight, meaning you might be missing out on some valuable tanning time and even more valuable natural vitamin D.
    Vitamin D has so many benefits including helping to promote weight loss, decrees depression and help fight some diseases.
  5. Exercise creates energy.
    Working out can increase energy, as people tend to sleep better and in a ‘deeper state’ once they have exercised. However going outdoors and working out increases energy levels even more then staying indoors according to a study from the University of Rochester in 2009.
    So if you are feeling sluggish and need a pick up to get you through your week, rather counter intuitively go out and exercise for twenty minutes and it may just lift your mood and reinvigorate you enough to get you to the weekend. 

These points are just a few of the reasons why exercising outdoors can be really beneficial to you and with the new OpenPlay App finding locations or people to play sports with has never been easier. Remember exercising outdoors doesn't just mean running, you can play Tennis, Football, Touch Rugby, Basketball, Golf, Cricket or many other great sports as long as you know where to look for a venue or activity provider. 

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