Training Tip 1 - Alternate Your Sets & Circuits

We're all busy people. We always seem to be working, commuting, eating, moaning, sleeping or pretending to work. Most of us just can't find the time to get down to the gym...or in my housemates' case, simply can't be bothered.

Time is scarce, especially when you're 'working' out and would much rather be somewhere else...
This is why this handy tip is a good one:

Maximise the efficiency of your time when working out by alternating sets.

As a rule of thumb you're meant to allow the following resting times when working out:

1 to 3 reps:Rest for 3 to 5 minutes
4 to 7 reps:Rest for 2 to 3 minutes
8 to 12 reps: Rest for 1 to 2 minutes

13 reps or more: Rest for 1 minute

However, since time is precious, alternating sets can allow you to utilise the above resting times to the maximum.

Simply exercise an alternative muscle group whilst you are waiting for another one to recover.
Peter Andre Topless with Six Pack Alternating your sets will put you well on the path to looking like the fantastically 'abbed' Peter Andre

The following muscle groups can be paired off together:

Quadriceps with Glutes & Hamstrings
Chest with Upper Back
Biceps with Triceps
Upper Body with Core
Lower Body with Core
Upper Body with Lower Body
Shoulders with Lats

By alternating muscle groups, you'll spend less time checking yourself out in the mirror and more time working towards becoming the adonis that is Peter Andre...

By Sam Parton

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