The idea for OpenPlay came about whilst running an U15's football team where I experienced the nightmare of organising a team, finding players, coordinating parents, licensing and booking venues. I just thought that there must be a better way and lets build something that makes it less painful.

Sam Parton, CEO

Increasing sports participation in three ways:

1 Filling VenuesInstant online booking via website or mobile app

OpenPlay provides an end-to-end booking system built in-house, from scratch. This allows people to find your venue and book in a matter of clicks. This system is designed to increase sports participation as people can easily find any pitch/court or facility, see its availability and cost and of course book it!

All of this takes place on your own website. OpenPlay simply markets any gaps via our website, mobile app and partner sites. This reduces the hassle organise sporting activities and helps increase revenue to idle venues, the latter becoming increasingly important in a world of public sector budget cuts.

2 Activities Booking System Features for providers of all shapes and sizes

OpenPlay is a cloud based booking system, so there's no need to load any software. It is always accessible, via any device at any time. Whether you run a single training camp or a large soccer school with multiple staff, Openplay is incredibly flexible.

The OpenPlay marketplace automatically categories and promotes any activities on its website and apps to a local audience, helping the public to easily discover and book suitable sports activities. This helps get more participants to teams and activities and is an enabler and catalyst to getting more activities going.

3 Player Finder Connect to players in your local area

Sport is inherently social and usually requires multiple participants. OpenPlay’s connect service provides an online community that enables people to find other players in their area. This tackles two issues around physical activity and sports participation.

1. Many people simply do not know anyone near them who plays their sport(s) at a similar level; the population is transient, particularly in large cities and some sports are so niche it can be very hard to find players.

2. Is the convenience factor. With increasingly busy schedules and working lives, organising mutually convenient times and locations that suit your friends often results in countless emails back and forth. OpenPlay is uniquely placed to combat this as its technology allows people to message each other, see availability and book venues from within the same conversation!

Meet the Management team

Experts in online sports booking systems.

Sam Parton

CEO & Cofounder

Part of the launch team for, the world's first neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service. His core skills are in sales and marketing and everything else in between. Sam is an avid sports player and sits on the boards of two sports facilities in London.

Ian Pridham

CTO & Cofounder

Ian is a full stack web and mobile developer with over 17 years freelance experience. He specialises in back-end systems and has huge development experience whether through building APIs for the Department of Transport or working with startups such as FarmDrop, SoleTrader and Frugl.

Nikhil Obhrai

Business Development Manager

Nikhil is a former LTA tennis coach and recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Law. He decided to turn down the glamour of working for a city Law firm and instead is helping to improve OpenPlay's products and working closely with all our partners



The OpenPlay marketplace and sports booking app receives over 100,000 monthly visitors (and growing). It is our job to promote your venue and activities so that our booking system pays for itself.


Connecting people together to encourage participation and physical activity. OpenPlay allows individuals and teams to create profiles and connect them to other local players, based around their sporting interests and skill level. Examples include tennis partners, badminton partners and teams short of players.


Regular blog posts with tips on how to manage your venues and activities. Localised, geographically targeted blog posts to help attract new users to your venues and activities.


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