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Alec Wizard House 12 Old Pye Street Westminster Central London SW1P 2DG

Gyms Football (5 a side) Sports Hall

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Looking for free things to do in St Andrew's Club and the Westminster area? Below is a selection of paid and free activities in St Andrew's Club


St Andrew’s Club is a registered charity, funded mainly by voluntary donations. It was established over 150 years ago. It is the only community-based youth club in South Westminster that isn’t part of any one housing estate, offering a ‘neutral’ environment, away from the intimidation of estate tensions. Its vision is to enrich young lives by providing value for money opportunities in a safe, attractive environment for young people to develop educationally, socially and personally through an exciting and remarkably wide range of sport, art, excursions and practical skills to around 700 members each year. Young people can join from the age of 5 to 19. Visit our website for more details:

During the day, space can be booked, subject to availability:

Large indoor, sprung floor Olympic size gymnasium with the following court markings: ….. Size 24.3m x 12 m; Hourly rate for hire: £30
Studio room which can be used for drama, exercise or step classes. Size 10.5m x 8.25m.; Hourly rate for hire:£20
Weights Gym (Size 8.4m x 14.8m) with a range of personal fitness equipment and newly converted changing rooms. This is available to join for an annual subscription of £35. Visit our website for more details:

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