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Ballet Body Sculpture: Ballet based fitness classes for all women who would like to develop elegance, posture, toned body, flexibility and sculpture the figure of their dreams. Classes combine Pilates, Ballet, Stretching & NLP unique mind & body connection.

A fitness program specifically designed to develop and maintain great posture. It promises core strength, flexibility, tone, balance and coordination, within a safe fun social environment.
 Working with individuals in private or small group classes, teachers are trained professionals with years of experience in developing grace and form for top level performances.
No previous experience in ballet or fitness is necessary to join the classes – start by attending a trial class or booking an individual assessment for specific goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have previous ballet experience?

No, you don't. Classes are structured in the way that you can join at any time, even as a beginner.

Is it for professionals?

No, the classes are for all ladies that are conscious about their appearance, would like to develop and maintain elegant posture, toned body, flexibility and coordination.

How much does it cost?

For pricing please refer to our website:

Can I book a private session?

Yes, you can. To enquire and book private training:

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